Water Repellent Carton (Aqua Shield)

Aqua Shield, often referred to as "water repellent carton" or "water-resistant carton," is a specialized type of packaging material designed to provide enhanced protection against moisture and water damage. Aqua Shield is typically used in situations where traditional cardboard cartons or paperboard packaging may be susceptible to water or moisture exposure. Here's some information about Aqua Shield and its characteristics:

Key Characteristics of Water-Repellent Carton

Water Resistance:

  • The primary characteristic of Aqua Shield cartons is their ability to resist the penetration of water and moisture. They are designed to provide a protective barrier that prevents water from entering and damaging the contents.

Coating or Treatment

  • Aqua Shield cartons are usually coated or treated with specialized water-repellent substances or coatings. These treatments create a hydrophobic surface that sheds water, preventing it from being absorbed by the carton.

Strength and Durability

  • Aqua Shield cartons retain the strength and durability of traditional cardboard or paperboard cartons, ensuring that they maintain their structural integrity even when exposed to moisture.

Printing Compatibility

  • Some Aqua Shield cartons are designed to be printable, allowing for branding, labeling, and product information to be added to the packaging.

Applications of Water-Repellent Carton

Food Packaging:

  • Aqua Shield cartons are commonly used for packaging food products, especially those that need protection from moisture, such as frozen foods, fresh produce, and refrigerated items.

Beverage Packaging

  • Beverage packaging, including cartons for bottled beverages, can benefit from Aqua Shield technology to prevent damage due to condensation or spills.


  • 3.Electronics manufacturers may use Aqua Shield cartons to protect products from moisture during storage and shipping.

Outdoor Events

  • Aqua Shield cartons can be used for packaging materials and supplies for outdoor events, exhibitions, and trade shows, where exposure to unpredictable weather conditions is a concern