Kraft Linear Boards

Kraft liner board, often referred to simply as "kraft liner," is a type of paperboard known for its strength, durability, and versatility. It is widely used in the packaging industry, particularly for the production of corrugated boxes and other packaging materials. Here's some information about kraft liner boards Kraft liner board is a high-strength paperboard primarily made from long fibers of softwood pulp, typically derived from pine and spruce trees. The term "kraft" is derived from the German word for "strong" or "sturdy," reflecting its robust nature. Kraft liner is typically brown or tan in color due to its unbleached fibers

Key Characteristics of KRAFT LINEAR BOARDS

High Strength

  • Kraft liner board is known for its excellent tensile and burst strength, making it ideal for applications where durability and resistance to tearing or puncturing are essential.

Two Types

  • There are two main types of kraft liner board: kraft linerboard (KLBD) and kraft top liner (KTL). KLBD is used for the inner layer of corrugated boxes, while KTL, which is typically coated, serves as the outer liner for improved printability.

Sustainable Sourcing

  • Like other paper-based materials, kraft liner board is highly recyclable, contributing to its sustainability as a packaging option.


  • Many manufacturers of kraft liner board prioritize using sustainably sourced wood fibers and adhere to responsible forestry practices.


Corrugated Packaging

  • Kraft liner board is a key component in the production of corrugated boxes, providing the structural integrity and protective qualities required for shipping and storing a wide range of products.

Printing and Branding

  • While uncoated kraft liner may have limited printability, kraft top liner (KTL) is often used for high-quality printing, allowing for branding, product information, and graphics to be added to packaging.

Box Manufacturing

  • Due to its strength and durability, kraft liner board is frequently used for heavy-duty packaging applications, including packaging for appliances, machinery, and industrial equipment.

E-commerce and Retail

  • Kraft liner is also used in retail packaging, especially for eco-friendly and rustic-looking packaging solutions.