Bleached Kraft

Bleached kraft, also known as bleached kraft paper or bleached kraft pulp, is a type of paper or pulp product that has undergone a bleaching process to remove the natural coloration and impurities found in unbleached kraft paper. This process results in a white or cream-colored paper with improved brightness, purity, and aesthetics. Here's some information about bleached kraft

Key Characteristics of Bleached kraft


  • The most apparent characteristic of bleached kraft is its whiteness, which makes it suitable for applications requiring a clean, bright appearance


  • Bleached kraft paper is typically free from the natural impurities found in unbleached kraft, such as lignin, which can cause yellowing over time..


  • Bleached kraft retains the inherent strength and durability of kraft paper, making it suitable for packaging and other applications that require robust paper.


  • The smooth surface of bleached kraft makes it well-suited for printing, including high-quality graphics, text, and branding.

Applications of Bleached Kraft


  • Bleached kraft paper is commonly used for packaging applications, including food packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and gift wrapping. Its clean appearance and strength make it an attractive choice for protecting and presenting products.

Printing and Publishing

  • Due to its brightness and printability, bleached kraft is used in printing and publishing applications, including book covers, brochures, labels, and promotional materials.

Art and Craft

  • Artists and crafters often use bleached kraft paper for various creative projects, such as drawing, painting, and origami


  • It is used in industrial applications such as filters, masking paper, and certain types of tapes. Specialty Papers: Bleached kraft is also used to produce specialty papers for specific industries, such as the food industry for packaging that comes into direct contact with food