Water repellent Boards

Water-repellent board, also known as water-resistant or hydrophobic board, is a type of material that has been specially treated or designed to resist the penetration of water or moisture. This feature makes it suitable for various applications where protection against water damage is crucial. Here's some information about water-repellent boards

Key Characteristics of Water-Repellent Boards

Water Resistance

  • The primary characteristic of water-repellent boards is their ability to resist the penetration of water and moisture. They are designed to provide a protective barrier that prevents water from entering and damaging the contents.

Diverse Materials

  • Water-repellent boards can be made from various materials, including wood-based products like plywood or particleboard, paper-based materials, and synthetic materials like PVC or HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).

Coatings and Treatments

  • In many cases, water-repellent properties are achieved through the application of specialized coatings or treatments during the manufacturing process. These treatments create a hydrophobic barrier on the surface of the board.

Moisture Barrier

  • Water-repellent boards often serve as an effective moisture barrier, protecting the underlying structure or contents from water damage

Applications of Water-Repellent Boards


  • Water-repellent boards are used in construction for applications where moisture resistance is essential. This includes sheathing for exterior walls, subflooring, roof decking, and underlayment for flooring in areas prone to moisture exposure, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


  • In furniture manufacturing, water-repellent boards can be used for pieces that may be exposed to occasional spills or humidity, such as kitchen cabinets or outdoor furniture.


  • Water-repellent boards are often used for outdoor signs and displays to protect them from rain and weather-related damage.


  • Water-repellent board materials can be employed in the packaging industry to create water-resistant packaging solutions for products that need protection during shipping and storage.

Marine and Boating

  • In marine applications, water-repellent boards can be used for cabinetry, decks, and other components that will be exposed to moisture from the sea..